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Your organization can learn more, achieve dramatic business results, and take a major leap forward. Our interactive learning programs and Purposeful Fun™ can make it happen.

We work closely with you to bring out the talents inherent in your people and the unique strengths of your organization—all with our boundless creativity, custom learning solutions, contagious enthusiasm, field-tested experience, and business savvy. We’ll take you further than you imagined possible. With plenty of fun along the way.

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“Dick Eaton’s coaching has been the single most valuable business and personal support system that I have had over the years.”Roy Heffernan
Chief Operating Optimist
The Life is good Company
“I’ve worked closely with Leapfrog Innovations since 1996 because you help us get the results we need from our people. The program just delivered was a tremendous success. You are professional, creative, organized and flexible in customizing each program to meet our needs.”
John Touchette
Vice President, Raytheon

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