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Make teamwork and collaboration part of your corporate DNA

Team building means different things to different people. But no matter what you call it, team building is more than ropes courses, golf foursomes, or ordinary scavenger hunts. Imagine truly harnessing the power of your people. Envision a new corporate culture—where people are open and willing to collaborate, share ideas, and raise each other up.

Turn teams into business value
Inspire and enable teamwork in your sales force, executive team, or throughout your organization with our purposefully fun (and proven) programs. We work closely with you to customize a program to meet your specific tone, tempo, and objectives and get the maximum ROI. Leverage teamwork—and achieve more than you thought possible.

We specialize in the critical junctures where people and teams come together. Whether it’s within a single team, or two large organizations merging, we’ll help you capitalize on the potential that lies within your people.

We’ll help you focus your team
building efforts toward specific
outcomes, enabling you to:

Build leadership skills and bench
Inspire innovation
Foster interaction and impact during important meetings
Boost performance of key teams
Turbo-charge collaboration and
information sharing in your corporate
Activate your content, enhance energy, and encourage network-building during learning programs

“Leapfrog is remarkable. Candidly,
based on too many ‘low impact’
experiences, I had lost faith in team
building as a leadership development
tool. Leapfrog restored that faith—
and then some. They went to great
lengths to design an experience
tailored to our strategic objectives.”
John Barch
Director of Global Partner Development
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu