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Begin with the end...results
We start by listening and learning about your organization, its challenges, and what you want to accomplish. When appropriate, we’ll conduct an assessment to help verify your needs. Then—and only then—do we start the design process, turning to the programs we’ve developed (or creating a new one) and zeroing in on tools that might be appropriate for your specific situation. Whether it’s one program or an entire process.

We customize our programs to match your needs directly. And if we don’t have a framework to start with, we’ll build one from scratch. After all, that’s how we created all our existing programs in the first place. This customized approach helps you achieve unparalleled levels of learning, collaboration, team building, and business results.

Rely on rigorous design and meticulous delivery
We have a remarkable range of intellectual property that we can adapt for your organization—from a short energizing activity to a full curriculum of interactive learning. We can add follow-up coaching of individuals and teams to help you ensure that your learning stays in motion. From initial assessment to final evaluation, we design our solutions with intellectual rigor, creativity, a sense of humor, and business savvy—so they produce powerful outcomes that last.

Results that can transform your people All our programs go way beyond role-playing and other traditional designs. And we have extensive experience implementing them in varied and challenging circumstances, giving us the street smarts to make the results stick. So while our programs are unconventional, they’re also proven and practical. And immediately applicable on the job.


This chart provides an overview of our programs and how they can help your organization. Our programs are
flexible and designed to meet a wide range of needs. But some programs are more suited than others for achieving
specific goals. Here we’ve rated them to show how clearly they match each goal. Check it out.

Teamwork: Boost performance of key teams
Collaboration: Turbo-charge collaboration and information sharing in your corporate culture
Meetings: Foster interaction and impact during important meetings
Innovation: Inspire innovation
Interactivity: Activate your content, enhance energy, and encourage network-building during learning programs
Leaders: Build leadership skills and bench strength

Note that most of our programs fall under the general category of Team Building, so you won't find it listed here.

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Sample Team Development Tools:
• SmartSkills®
• FasTeams®
• Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI)®
• EI 360™
• Fish!®