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Dig into our interactivity toolbox—
and grab what you want

Lately, we’ve been getting requests from more and more learning practitioners, facilitators, trainers, organizational development consultants and others. They want to learn our tools—programs, exercises, and simulations—so they can use them with their clients. Some are part of a client organization or leadership development/OD consultancy. Others are independent. They want facilitation tools that activate their curricula or meetings. And that add more interactivity, engagement, hands-on learning, fun...and impact.

Opening the toolbox
We’re delighted to teach our tools. It’s important to note that Leapfrog programs aren’t off-the-shelf, shrink-wrapped products—they’re unique and customizable for the specific learning situation. So we work closely with you to determine what you need and how we can help you get the outcomes you’re seeking.

Here’s how it works:

• Initial Consultation - We consult with you to help clarify your needs

• Program Selection - Working together, we’ll identify a set of solutions (exercises, tools, simulations) that we think will help you achieve your desired outcomes.

• Preparation - Some proven exercises are in the public domain. We’ll teach you how to facilitate them, coach you before and after, and even supply you with the necessary materials. Others are original Leapfrog programs, and are our intellectual property. We’ll conduct a Train-the-Trainer (TTT) session, coach you, supply the supporting materials, and license you to use our programs— typically for a reasonable per-use fee plus the TTT time, or on a subscription basis.

Let us know what tools you need to help activate your learning content or key meetings. We’ll put together a toolbox that’s right for you—and train you to get the most out of it.


“When we needed a dynamic learning exercise in our leadership development work with Wyeth, we turned to Leapfrog for their design expertise and flair for providing proprietary, interactive, fun activities that target key learning principles.

Together we adapted and renamed Leapfrog’s simulation, Pawn’s Perspective™ to simulate the variety of pressures and perspectives that occur in a fast changing, global, matrixed and multi functional environment.

We have used this simulation all over the world with great success both in terms of launching a serious discussion of the issues in complex teams and in energizing Wyeth’s participants.”
David Giber, PhD
Senior Vice President, Consulting
Linkage Inc.