Leapfrog Innovations

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Learn by doing—and doing a lot

Experiential learning—learning by doing—connects people with each other and with your content. It creates a low-risk practice
field where people catch themselves being themselves—and learn from it.

Do more, learn more
Our proven learning programs activate your content, engage learners, create powerful coachable moments—and get real work done. Add impact and inspire deeper insights from learners—the kind that are absorbed and retained long after the program is over.

We work closely with you to design and facilitate interactive simulations inside a larger curriculum or learning context. Or you can license our programs to deliver yourself.

We partner with internal learning practitioners and external facilitators to jumpstart your curricula with new energy, interactivity, and impact. Leverage our remarkable range of proven simulations to energize learners and encourage deep, practical learning.

Here are just a few of our programs
that can activate your curriculum:

Pawn’s Perspective - Teams choose to collaborate. Or not. This complex and fun learning simulation focuses on collaboration, competition, and coopetition.

Fastword™ - Forty lettered blocks, fast-thinking teammates, and two minutes of creative thinking spell creativity, innovation, and process improvement.

Mark-it Place™ - Capture new market share in our high-energy, team-based strategy simulation based loosely on the best-selling strategy game Othello®.

“The Leapfrog program enabled attendees to hold up a mirror to themselves in a non-threatening and fun way. And the quality of the simulation was superior because it
factored in real organizational dynamics.”
Christine DePoto
Director of Organizational Development
Lerner New York (division of Limited, Inc.)