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Entering New Collaboration
Welcome to an exceptional corporate culture—yours

Imagine that you’re part of a start-up organization—one that’s all about possibilities and potential. Ideas are good, the energy is positive. Communication and collaboration are as natural as breathing. People share information, expertise, dreams, pizza...and create breakthrough ideas before breakfast.

Recapture the enthusiasm
If your organization is more stopped-up than start-up, don’t worry. Enhancing your corporate culture is more than possible—and can happen faster than you think. Our customized, unlike-any-other programs and processes help build teams, ramp up retention, and foster a more open corporate culture. And they’re fun, so your people will enjoy the process, as well as the results.

We help you develop a compelling corporate culture that attracts and retains the best and brightest people. Inspire open, fluid communication at all levels—streamlining processes, encouraging innovation, and boosting efficiency. And have fun while doing it.

Here are just a few of our programs
that help you build a corporate
culture that generates powerful
returns for years to come:

Launch - Teams design and build a working catapult out of everything from plungers to spatulas, inspiring new energy and collaboration.

Pawn’s Perspective - Teams choose to collaborate with other teams. Or not. This complex, fun learning simulation focuses on choices between collaboration, competition, and coopetition.

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Hunt- This custom-built-for-you scavenger hunt stretches participants to reach remarkable levels of collaboration.

“This experience reminded me of the power of teams. The synergy of ideas and the confidence I saw was extraordinary. Diversity of expertise, backgrounds, and departments really can yield new ideas and different approaches to problems.”
Mark Levin, Board Member,
(former) President & CEO
Millennium Pharmaceuticals