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“Dick Eaton helped me find my authentic voice and develop the wisdom and confidence to lead with this voice. He helped to make me a better leader... a better man.”
- Steve Gross, The Life is good Company
You already possess the capacity to create breakthroughs–
for yourself and for your organization.

Leapfrog Executive Leadership Coaching helps you leverage your inherent leadership strengths, add new skills and practices, and bring distinct clarity to guide your professional growth.

Arrived at a moment of truth in your career?
Seeking new clarity and capability to continue to excel?

We work with successful people who reach a significant career transition point and are ready to move forward.

Have you:
• Been promoted with a significant increase in responsibility or taken on a stretch assignment?
• Realized you need to move from managing to leading – to effectively build the capacity of your people to achieve breakthroughs?
• Accomplished what you set out to achieve and want to discover what’s next?

Are you:

• Just going through the motions in your current role?
• Restless or looking to re-ignite your passion for work?
• Ready to accelerate your professional trajectory?

You can move forward. Powerfully. Effectively. Energized. Fulfilled.

Our expert coaching facilitates breakthroughs to help you reach the next level you’re seeking. And we do it in a way that highlights your “essence” who you are when you’re at your very best.

Dive in with Our Approach

Our multi-tiered approach to coaching meets you where you are right now – and propels your forward. Our coaches are partners who challenge and cheerlead.

Through the Wisdom Leading™ coaching process, you’ll:

• Learn to better leverage your strengths, talents, skills, wisdom
• Clarify your values and learn to apply them to crucial decisions and actions
• Change behaviors and limiting beliefs
• Identify and break through obstacles and blind spots that hold you back
• Learn new skills and embrace best practices
• Set in motion an action plan that drives your next level of success

“I am inspired by people who have the appetite for significant growth, and am honored to work with successful people who have the courage to step up to create new, powerful possibilities for themselves.”- Dick Eaton, Leapfrog’s Chief Energizing Officer and Executive Leadership Coach

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Brief Case Enabling Others to Breakthrough

Challenge: An operations expert at a global healthcare company, Tim successfully manages highly complex processes. A promotion requires that Tim build and lead a mission critical team through company’s fast-growth phase. Developing a new skill set is imperative to drive success and foster new capabilities or risk alienating – or losing – key people from senior executive team.

Process: Tim engages Dick Eaton with Leapfrog Coaching to help facilitate his professional growth. Coaching for Breakthrough launches with initial interviews with Tim’s manager, peers, and direct reports, the Wisdom Leading™ 360 feedback survey, an intensive one-to-one off-site retreat, and ongoing coaching sessions. This deep dive confirms Tim’s capabilities in communicating, delegating, and enabling were lacking – and his eagerness to develop new skills.

Results: With a customized, strategic development plan in place, Tim shifted his focus from doing to enabling others allowing his senior team to grow, capitalize on their inherent strengths and talents, take on more responsibility, and contribute to company success. Tim built a strong leadership team and connected his organization’s goals to the company’s overall vision, a strategic collaboration which propels them all forward.