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We believe in the power of people working together

At Leapfrog, we believe in the power of people—connected and collaborating. People make remarkable things happen within your organization. Not spreadsheets. Not the latest IT infrastructure. We help you tap the potential within your people—inspiring and enabling them to innovate, improve processes, forge strong relationships with each other, and with partners and clients. We help you attract and retain great people—and help them go further than they ever imagined.

A real-world perspective
We’ve worked with (and been members of) high-performing teams—and struggling teams. We’ve seen the extraordinary results that happen when organizations lever the power of connections between people and between teams. So we can understand your challenges and how to solve them.

Helping unlock the power of people
We work with you to build new teamwork and business value, lots of it. We focus on the critical junctures where teams really matter—where more collaboration, information sharing, and best practices can generate significant business impact and value. Our solutions are dedicated to (and tailored for) building the relationships, teamwork, leadership, skills, confidence, behaviors, and attitudes that help key initiatives succeed.

Shifts happen
We’ll work with you to foster major attitudinal, behavioral, and cultural shifts among key groups, such as your field sales force, engineering team, or high-potential leaders. We help make sure that new knowledge and skills end up in action every day—not left in a binder on a shelf. That’s why our programs achieve lasting change and significant ROI.

Tap the remarkable power of your people. Leverage the inherent strengths already within your organization. Achieve your potential—and then some. We’re here to help.

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You can’t assume that people are willing to change or learn something new. Teamwork doesn’t come naturally to many people. Most people tend to resist change and new ways of working. Call it human nature, or group dynamics. In any case, we can help your people break through resistance and create willingness to learn, shift, and collaborate.