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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Leapfrog different from other team development companies?
We believe there are five primary factors that differentiate us from our competitors:

1) Our client relationship and results focus. We care deeply that each of our clients can trust that we will treat them and their investment in a Leapfrog program with great respect and care. We strive to ensure that every program we deliver meets the highest standards of quality and delivers desired business results. Leapfrog’s business goal is quality over quantity—we actively choose to be a low-volume shop striving for deep relationships with our clients, rather than a high-volume empire churning out programs.
2) Our method. We believe that the most effective way of building insight and learning is by "doing.” We don't stand at the front of the room and talk at people. We engage participants in experiential activities, creating a conducive environment to allow participants to discover those meaningful a-ha’s for themselves. As a result, participants walk away with a deeper understanding of themselves and their team and a stronger commitment to ongoing action.
3) Our level of customization. We don't deliver off-the shelf programs; every program we deliver is unique and customized to each client's specific needs. We build it backwards—meaning we start with the end (your desired outcomes) in mind first.
4) Our attitude. We believe that "the company that laughs, lasts.” We believe learning can (and should!) be FUN.
5) The breadth of our team development offerings. We offer the full spectrum of team development services—from team building programs to strategic workshops to ongoing coaching and performance consulting (and everything in between!).

Where are you located?
Our main office is located in West Medford, Massachusetts, 5 miles north of Boston. Our address is: 10 Bower Street, Medford, MA 02144. For a map and directions, click here.

Do you travel?
Yes! While our offices are based in the Boston area our facilitators will come to you. We deliver most of our programs across North America, but also travel globally for our major clients.

How much lead time do you need for a program?
Ideally, we prefer a minimum of one month lead time to plan for a program. Often, however, we are contacted with a much shorter lead time. We have delivered programs with as little as 2 days advance notice! Our ability to plan within a short timeframe will depend on our existing schedule. Please contact us and let us know your timeline; we will let you know what we can do!

How much do your programs cost?
We customize each program to your situation and goals. We'd be happy to confirm a budget for you once we have a clear understanding of your goals and objectives. Our minimum program fees typically begin around $5,000.

Do you run public workshops?
Nope. Our focus is customized client programs.

What is the background of your facilitators?
The Leapfrog facilitators are masters of their trade. Each of our facilitators has been carefully selected based on his/her ability to engage in a meaningful and memorable way with corporate groups. We require that each of our facilitators possess that special blend of demonstrated skill, practical experience, corporate acumen, great communication skills, charisma, energy, improvisation, intelligence, and (importantly) a fondness for fun and humor.

Ask your own question and we’ll respond quickly and completely. Just give us a call at 781 643-5380 or email us.